Five Ways to Show Past Clients Some Love

By Hope Walborn | Feb. 14, 2024 | 2 min. read

As a Realtor®, networking with potential new clients is always good, but reconnecting with past clients can be just as important. Past clients can be your ticket to repeat business and referrals. On Valentine’s Day and all year round, here are five ways to show them some love.

1. Send a card.

One of the easiest ways to reconnect is to send a card. A handwritten note is personal and shows you care. It’s also more thoughtful than sending an email or text.

2. Share some news or information.

Along with a note or card, send some real estate news or community information, such as upcoming events and updates. Homeowner tips can be helpful too, as well as recommendations for local services.

3. Give a gift.

Gifts are memorable and thoughtful ways to reconnect with past clients that might start a conversation. A gift card for a home service (such as maintenance or cleaning) can be appreciated. Other ideas include home décor items and seasonal snacks (but be aware of any allergies).

4. Host a gathering.

Hosting a party or gathering is a personal way to reconnect with multiple past clients at once. If guests bring friends and family, there might even be opportunities to make new connections.

5. Connect online.

While social media isn’t always the most personal way to maintain connections, it is a good additional way to keep up with clients, especially if they lead busy lives. Giving their posts a thumbs-up can let them know you care. Sending a message on birthdays, closing date anniversaries or holidays is also a quick and easy way to keep the connection.

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