Getting to Know and Keeping Your Clients

By Kelly Leighton | April 15, 2021 | 2 min. read

You just helped your clients with one of the biggest transactions of their lives, whether it was buying or selling a home – or both.

But maintaining that level of relationship can be difficult. You are no longer seeing them frequently or texting details of showings. How do you keep those clients as clients?

PAR’s District 5 Vice President Sherrie Miller said she makes an effort to stay in touch with clients long after closing. “I send them birthday cards and contact them when they have children, grandchildren or any new life event to congratulate them or send condolences,” she said.

Jodi Diego, district 6 vice president, said she always presents clients with a branded gift for closing, whether it’s a piece of pottery with the family’s name or a fancy knife so they see her name more frequently. “I also put them on an email newsletter list that goes out every couple of weeks, just to stay out there and in their minds, keeping it informative and updated with information,” added Diego.

District 3 Vice President Kevin McPheeters strives to be a resource for clients, both during and after their closing.

“Truthfully, I try to exemplify professionalism, experience and confidence about my capabilities. I had not really thought of a career in sales, but I see it more as offering service and enthusiasm about the important role having a home impacts our lives,” he said. “My varied background includes retail business, construction, interior design and real estate sales in multiple markets and my involvement in our associations keeps me looking forward.”

“The fact that I believe a quality environment contributes to a quality of life comes across, I tend to present it with helpful information and a sense of humor. I care about my clients and also stay in touch, with a personalized magazine and email program. When we work together, I stress that I like to be a resource, during the process and long afterwards so have reasons to stay in touch,” added McPheeters.

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