How Homeowners Can Get Guest-Ready for the Holidays

By Hope Walborn | Nov. 16, 2023 | 2 min. read

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for many homeowners to get their homes ready to welcome family and friends. Of course, there are the usual tasks like cleaning and decorating, but here are some additional tips to remember for guest-proofing homes.

Prepare Entryways

Make sure driveways, paths, porches and entryways are clear and well-lit to prevent guests from tripping and falling on their way in and out of the home. If winter weather is a concern, make sure to shovel and de-ice the same areas. Clean walkways of dirt and leaves and place a welcome mat outside the door to help prevent guests from tracking in unwanted debris.

Get Rid of Indoor Hazards

Speaking of tripping, make sure paths inside the home are clear to prevent any injury to guests. Tape down or cover any electrical cords and place nonstick pads under rugs if needed to avoid slippage. If young children are entering the home, consider covering outlets and unplugging any unneeded electronics.

Put Away Valuables

No matter the age of guests, it’s a good idea to put away any valuable or sentimental items when people are coming in and out of a home to prevent them from getting lost or broken. The same goes for anything breakable that may easily be knocked over.

Designate Guest Areas

Most homeowners don’t want their guests wandering around their homes and into their private spaces. Close any doors to areas where guests shouldn’t be, such as bedrooms, closets, home offices and private bathrooms. This will help encourage them to stay in shared spaces and help protect your personal spaces. Don’t forget to designate an area for guests’ coats, shoes and bags that’s out of the way of gathering areas!

Prepare the Bathroom

Besides cleaning the bathroom, it’s a good idea to make sure it has everything guests might need in plain sight so they won’t need to ask or go rummaging through cabinets to find things. Make sure to set out soap, hand towels, extra toilet paper, tissues and an air freshener.

Keep Areas Clean

It’s a good idea to clean before guests arrive, but it’s also important for homeowners to keep their homes clean while guests are there. Empty trash cans as they fill up and clean spills and messes as soon as they occur to prevent unwanted smells and stains later on. This will help guests feel comfortable and also minimize cleanup time after the party ends.

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