Doing common things uncommonly well: Set yourself apart in this busy industry

By Kelly Leighton | Jan. 25, 2019 | 3 min. read

With more than 34,000 Realtors® in the commonwealth, how do you make yourself stand out?

“Do the common things uncommonly well because that sets you apart from the noise,” advised Kendrick Shope, an international sales expert and the CEO and creator of the Authentic Selling® process.

“For example, Realtors® could have a book of referral sources for people who are new to the area, including doctors, nail salons, hair salons, grocery stores, entertainment options, yard help, anything someone new might need when they first move. This is an example of putting yourself in the customers’ shoes and helping them with common items by doing an uncommon act,” said Shope.

Shope also stressed the importance of following up. “Sales can be doubled when you commit to following up, but even seasoned salespeople give up after two or three follow-ups, yet the data shows that most purchases are made beyond the fifth follow-up. By merely being more dedicated to following up, you can increase your business,” she said. “It’s proven to double your business.”

To better help your customers understand and visualize the process, it helps to lay it out in a four-step plan, said Shope. “The number of steps can be more or less, but four steps seems to be enough information without overwhelming them. The idea behind this is to take them through the process. First, we are going to do this. Second, we will do that. Third, this is going to happen. Finally, this is the end result. I recommend you choose four action items that clearly show what you will be doing,” she suggested.

And while Realtors® hope that all transactions go smoothly, there’s usually at least a little stress involved for the clients. “Often times, we, as salespeople, can get desensitized to our customers’ needs and pain. We spend all day working in the industry, but real estate can be overwhelming for purchasers. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes answering these questions. What are they worried about as it relates to a new home or land purchases? What are they worried about as it does not relate to a new home or land purchases? What can you do to ease those worries?”

This will help you gain trust with your customers, Shope said. She also recommended going the “extra mile,” whether that be bringing snacks for a long day of house hunting or a small gift for a child. “Essentially, get out among your customers and understand what stresses them and how you can be of service. You’re selling more than a house, you’re selling where your customers raise a family, relax after a long day, watch the big game and the place where they are going to do life. Really connect to what that means and get to know them as people beyond just if they prefer wood floors or carpet,” she said.

Ultimately, it comes back to making yourself stand out.

“Ask yourself if you were the person being sold to, what would you want from your Realtor® that you’ve seen no one else provide. When you can answer that question, you’re doing the common things uncommonly well and you will stand out through word of mouth and reputations creating more sales,” said Shope.

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