How can Realtors® step up their customer service?

By Kelly Leighton | Jan. 21, 2016 | 2 min. read

Real estate is a “noble, noble profession,” said author Joseph Michelli.

But Realtors® need to understand their business is more than a transactional service, said Michelli. “Your business continues after the transaction. Many Realtors® spend a lot of energy trying to market and trying to do everything right. But one of the most important things a Realtor® can do is maintain a relationship and follow up with the clients. Take an interest beyond housing. What is it about them that you can care for and about them at the same time?”

Michelli said one of the best business practices Realtors® can adopt is to listen effectively. “I think we often too quickly start thinking of what we have on inventory, instead of listening. Ask a lot of questions and verify what you heard. Empathy is important too. This is a professional field that is also personal. You need to be able to understand their emotions,” he added.

However, Michelli noted that many Realtors® shot themselves in the foot by not being collegial in their field. “Instead of focusing on colleagues and who their clients are, you should focus on the needs of your customers,” he said. Michelli added that he’s seen Realtors® fight over clients, which takes time and energy away from clients, and damages Realtors®’ integrity.

“Honesty, transparency and integrity are so important, especially to millennials. Don’t make claims or promises you cant do. Ask yourself what is in the best interest of the person in front of you. Not just your own interests. Having a reputation of being self-serving will undermine your success,” he said.

Overall, real estate is a “fabulous field,” said Michelli.  “It’s the opportunity for you to find people the place where they will raise their family or retire, or whatever phase in life they are in. I think its remembering the specialness of that, and how you are allowed and invited into a important decision making process. It keeps you humble and thankful, and that makes you more successful.”

Michelli stressed the importance of adding value to your relationship with clients. He pointed out that most people can go online and search for houses without an agent. However, Realtors® need to do more than just regurgitate the same information. Realtors® need to add in their own value to make that lasting client connection.

Michelli is an international well-known speaker, an organizational consultant and a New York Times number-one best-selling author.

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