Approaching New Technology as a Realtor®

By Hope Walborn | Sept. 20, 2023 | 2 min. read

Advancing technology is changing how we approach our work, entertainment, relationships and daily lives, but what does it look like for real estate professionals?

NAR Directors of Emerging Technology Dan Weisman and Dave Conroy look at and strive to understand technology and its role in the real estate industry. “Our goal is to help members be prepared so they aren’t blindsided by new tech,” Weisman says.

While many assume shiny new technologies, such as generative artificial intelligence which is quickly growing in popularity, will solve all problems and even eventually eliminate their tasks and jobs, Weisman disagrees. He stresses the importance of “process + people + technology.” Instead of thinking of technology as a separate idea, Realtors® must focus on their business and consider technology as a supplement.

Weisman believes people should “not use technology just to use it. Use it to solve a problem.”

Of course, new tech won’t solve every problem, but it can help Realtors® increase efficiency in their business.

Generative AI, for example, can help Realtors® begin tasks such as drafting listings, client communications, statements and more. In NAR’s Center for Realtor® Development Podcast, Conroy says, “I would suggest that you just use [ChatGPT] as a muse; like a creative muse… It helps me get from zero to one. I feel like if I can just get started with something, finishing it is so much easier.”

Augmented reality, a complicated but advancing technology, can also help Realtors’® business. Showing virtual options for room setups and decorations can more easily help clients visualize how a space may be used, thus increasing interest and sales.

However, while COVID has certainly increased tech usage for many in the real estate world, Weisman reminds people that “there are definitely challenges to getting folks to adapt to new technology. It’s hard to get folks to implement technology.” Many Realtors®, especially young ones, are becoming more dependent on new technology, but that doesn’t mean everyone will make changes.

“I think it’s important that the industry pays attention to folks we’re ultimately serving and what they want,” Weisman says, urging people to figure out if new tech works with how they want to run their business and to decide how to implement it for themselves.

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