Homebuying, mortgage process stressful for many consumers

By Kelly Leighton | March 24, 2017 | 2 min. read

Forty-two percent of homebuyers reported that the homebuying process was stressful, according to NerdWallet’s Home Buyer Reality Report.

Nearly one-third said it was complicated, while 21 percent reported it was intimidating. However, 30 percent described the experience as rewarding, while 41 percent it was manageable. Yet, 49 percent reported they would do something differently if they were homebuying again.

Mortgage applications are still confusing many homebuyers, as 58 percent of homebuyers applied for one. Forty-one percent of homebuyers who did apply said they were not sure of all the options available to them. And 28 percent said they did not feel like a priority to their mortgage professional during the loan process. Overall, 89 percent of applicants were approved for a loan to buy their house.

Among generations, 27 percent of millennials believed their mortgage rate was affordable when they purchased, and 39 percent said the mortgage process was positive. Eighty-nine percent of millennials who applied were approved. However, 11 percent of millennials said that after purchasing their home, they didn’t feel financially secure anymore. More than half (57 percent) said they had regrets in their homebuying experience.

Only a quarter of Generation X members reported a positive experience with the mortgage process, but 91 percent of Gen Xers were approved for one. Twelve percent reported not feeling financially secure after homebuying. Sixty-one percent reported that they would do something differently when homebuying again.

As for baby boomers, 25 percent found the mortgage process stressful, but 42 percent said it was manageable. Sixty-five percent said they believed they were aware of all their options for mortgages during the process. Only 6 percent said they did not feel financially secure after they bought their house, but 38 percent of baby boomers would act differently when homebuying again.

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