Gen Z Was on the Move in 2023 – Where To?

By Hope Walborn | Feb. 6, 2024 | 2 min. read

Last year, 17% of Gen Z adults moved, which was over two times the national average for all ages, according to a study by Hire A Helper.

Gen Z’s moves were significantly more abundant than other generations. In comparison, 11% of millennials, 5% of Gen X and 3% of baby boomers moved in 2023. For all ages, the average was 8%.

The high number of Gen Z movers may be partly attributed to their age. As more Gen Zers reach adult age, many are looking to move out of the nest as they start their careers. The top 10 reasons Gen Z moved in 2023 were:

  • To establish own household (16.8%)
  • Wanted new or better housing (12.1%)
  • New job or job transfer (11.1%)
  • Wanted cheaper housing (9.2%)
  • Relationship with unmarried partner (8%)
  • Attend/leave college (7.9%)
  • Wanted easier commute (6.3%)
  • Wanted to own a home, not rent (5.4%)
  • Wanted a better neighborhood (3.7%)
  • Change in marital status (3.5%)

In comparison, millennials’, Gen X’s and baby boomers’ top reason for moving was wanting new or better housing.

So where did all these Gen Z movers go?

Texas was the most popular destination with 345,000 new Gen Z residents in 2023. However, West Virginia had the highest net Gen Z moves, with 138% more Gen Z adults moving into the state than leaving it. Utah and South Carolina followed with net moves of 137% and 136% respectively.

Notably, Pennsylvania squeezed into the top 10 states for Gen Z movers with a net move rate of 52%.

Where is Gen Z leaving? Vermont (-73%), Alabama (-68%) and Mississippi (-64%) are the top three states who said goodbye to their Zoomer residents last year.

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