Moving Tips for Stressed Homebuyers

By Kelly Leighton | May 1, 2023 | 2 min. read

Nearly 40% of people said moving is more stressful than a breakup, according to

Is there any way to make it a little easier? “Give yourself timing. Looming deadlines are stressful. It doesn’t have to be done in one day, unless that’s what you want. There is a lot of stress involved. Anything you can do to limit that, the better. Time seems to be the most stressful element,” said JR Kitchell with UNITS of York, a moving and portable storage company.

Kitchell said lack of planning causes stress for many of their customers. “You need to think things through. Do you need straps to contain items? What about blankets to protect furniture? Do you have enough boxes? All the stuff you need you don’t always think of. Most people just think they need boxes and tape and they are good. There are other things that can make moving easier.”

To make the whole experience calmer, Kitchell advises consumers to pack anything unessential ahead of time. If it’s summertime, have your winter décor packed and ready to go. If you’re moving in the winter, you don’t need your summer clothes and they can be packed.

“Start with the hardest room first then move on to the smaller rooms,” he suggested. “Focus on one room at all time. Ask yourself if you want to pack everything and go or if you want to purge as you go. If you decide to create pack, trash and donate piles as you go along, that will take longer, but it will save you time on the unpacking side. It slows down the beginning, but speeds up the unpacking.”

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