Five Tips to Share with Clients for an Easier Move

By Hope Walborn | Feb. 7, 2024 | 3 min. read

While every mover knows to label their boxes and cushion breakable items, in the stress of moving, many people forget to do the small things that will make their transition much easier. Here are some tips for Realtors® to share with new homeowners who are ready to pack up and move.

1. Keep all moving documents in one place.

On top of all the tasks related to closing, cleaning, packing and moving, new homeowners don’t want to be searching through boxes for moving documents at the last minute. They should find a safe place to keep all paperwork ahead of the big day. This may include address and utility information.

It’s also a good idea to keep important personal documents (for example, Social Security cards and passports) and other valuables in one safe place and to move those items personally instead of leaving them with hired movers.

2. Pack boxes strategically.

In addition to labeling each box in detail, it’s important to think about what goes into each box. Using the right-sized boxes can help movers quickly and easily transport them from one place to the next. Heavy items can be put into multiple smaller boxes, while lighter items can be packed into larger ones. Too many heavy items in one box can cause the box to break or result in injury.

Additionally, save the essentials for last. New homeowners should keep the things they know they’ll need immediately or soon after moving separate from the things they may not need for a while. Having everyday essentials like toiletries, medications, bed linens, dishes and a few pots and pans at the ready in their new home will help with the overwhelming task of unpacking.

3. Get the new home ready.

New homeowners want their homes to be as ready as possible before moving day. Realtors® can help remind them to turn utilities on, set up security systems, check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, change locks and other tasks that will ensure a smoother move.

4. Update address information.

Movers should remember to update their address with the United States Postal Service to receive their mail at their new location. Addresses should also be changed with banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions. Updates can be made to online shopping sites, subscriptions and anywhere else packages and bills are sent as well.

5. Have a plan and start early.

Perhaps most importantly, new homeowners should have a moving plan and start early. The homebuying process can take time, which allows them to make a checklist and start packing and prepping ahead of moving day. Having a plan will help reduce the stress leading up to and during the move, and Realtors® can reduce that stress by guiding clients through the homebuying process all the way to closing.

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