Five tips for selling a home in winter

By Diana Dietz | Jan. 9, 2013 | 2 min. read

FOR SALE signSelling a home can take a significant amount of time and energy even under the best of conditions. Winter presents its own unique set of challenges.

Sidewalks are icy, skies are gloomy, temperatures are freezing, and daylight is short. How can you possibly show a property under those conditions?

While the warmer months are generally regarded as the best time to list property for sale, marketing the home in winter and early spring is just as important.

Here are five tips from MSN Real Estate on selling property this winter:

  1. Set a realistic price: 
House hunters expect discount prices in the winter, because they know that any homeowner who lists a property during the period really needs to sell. Set realistic prices without any extra “air” for negotiating.
  2. Advertise with snow-free pictures: 
If possible, take photos of the home before it snows. If that’s not possible, make arrangements to have a photographer come out the first time the snow melts — even if it’s just a brief winter thaw.
  3. Maximize curb appeal: 
A home should always have good “curb appeal” but winter snow and gloom make that tough. Make sure all autumn leaves and any dead tree branches are gone. Keep the home’s driveway and paths free of snow and ice and put a nice, clean doormat in front.
  4. Stage the interior for winter: 
A professional home stager can help make the home’s interior look warm and friendly no matter how dreary it is outside. Start by de-cluttering the home, putting as much stuff as possible away to make the home look clean and roomy.
  5. Have good interior lighting: 
You always want the home to look as bright as possible to potential buyers, but sparse winter sunlight can make that a real challenge. Maximize all available lighting by having the home’s windows professionally cleaned — inside and out — before it’s put on the market.

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