Best Time to Sell Is Right Now, Report Says

By Kelly Leighton | May 8, 2023 | 2 min. read

Home sellers should see a 12.8% premium on their sale price if they list their homes this month, history says.

Based on data over the past 12 years (2011-2022), including 51.6 million home sales, May is the best time to sell, while April and June also offer a 10% premium, according to ATTOM. In fact, the top 16 best dates to sell are in just May, making this month the favorite for sellers. The study found there were 4.7 million home sales in May over 12 years, with a median automated valuation model of $195,00, but a median sales price of $220,000, representing a seller premium of 12.8%.

In June, analyzing  5.1 million sales, the median AVM was $206,000, but the median sales price was $228,000, a 10.7% premium. In April, based on 4.3 million sales, the median AVM was $195,000, but the median sales price was $215,000, a premium of 10.3% for sellers. June had the highest median sales price at $228,000.

Sellers ultimately received a premium in every month of the year, but winter months fared the lowest premium for sellers, making these months more ideal for buyers. The report found that November had the lowest premium for sellers at 6.3%. With a median AVM of $207,000, the median sales price was $220,000, based on 3.9 million sales. Both October and December offer sellers an identical premium of 6.8%. The median AVM was $206,00 and the median sales price was $220,000 for both months. December’s totals were based on 4.1 million sales, while October’s were based on 4.5 million sales. However, February had the lowest median sales price at $200,000, a premium of 8.7% for sellers, but a bargain for buyers. February also had the lowest number of sales over the 12-year period at 3.2 million sales.

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