Playing it forward in your real estate career

By Kelly Leighton | Oct. 20, 2015 | 2 min. read

This year’s Triple Play Realtors® Convention & Expo will offer a variety of fantastic speakers and learning opportunities from Dec. 7-10 in Atlantic City.

Among the speakers at this year’s Triple Play is Jackie Leavenworth, a Realtor® and real estate coach, who offers advice for Realtors® to enhance their lives and careers.

“We become the stand-in in other peoples stories,” said Leavenworth of Realtors®.

“Realtors® love to be needed and we love to be of service to others and many times, I don’t think we take our own appointments for our life nearly as seriously as we take appointments for the clients,” said Leavenworth.

“Particularly in real estate, it’s all about learning to be the director of your own story,” she added. “The buyers need us. The sellers need us. Our families need us. We become the actor in other people’s movies, when we need to become the director of our own life story.”

She encourages Realtors® to pick the cast members in your life story. “Think about what you want your story to be like and figure out how to get from here to there.”

Leavenworth said she found herself in a situation just like many other Realtors® do today. She took a step back from work, and reevaluated who she wanted in her life, and who wasn’t a necessary “actor” in her story.

“It’s a fascinating journey,” she said. “I figured out what the scenes need to look like.”

To take those steps and take control of your life back, Leavenworth suggests being intentional and creating a schedule. “Set the stage for what you want to happen,” she advised.

“We are such creatures of taking whatever comes to us and getting it done,” she said. “Big things like taking care of our health and our families can’t fit in. We have to be much more intentional about how our lives want to play it out.”

Leavenworth said Realtors® should not let others run their lives, and instead take control of their business and their personal life.

“Our real estate business should exist to fund the life we want to life. Instead, our life funds our business instead of our business funding our life,” she said.

“You can be the director of this movie, your life,” she added. “You can make it happen.”

Leavenworth will be presenting three programs at the Triple Play Realtors® Convention in Atlantic City, Dec. 7-10 including Legal Lifesavers, Play it Forward and an ED talk.

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