ED Talks promise real estate innovation in short spurts

By Kelly Leighton | Nov. 4, 2015 | 2 min. read

You’ve heard of TEDTalks, are you ready for the ED Talks?

A new feature at this year’s Triple Play is ED Talks, which are short, educational discussions about real estate from some of the most well-known leaders in the industry. Take the two hours on Wednesday, Dec. 9 from 3 to 5 p.m. to hear from the best and learn fresh, new innovative ideas to take back to your business with you. Each talk will last only 15 minutes, guaranteeing speakers’ time and effort will be right to the point and easy to digest. Are you ready for a life-changing afternoon?

  • From 3:05 to 3:20 p.m., Stefan Swanepoel, CEO of The Swanepoel | T3 Group, will present Transforming Dangers into Opportunities. His talk will be based on NAR’s D.A.N.G.E.R. Report, which his company authored. The report lists 50 risks and threats and no solutions, leaving the door open for different visions.
  • Allan Dalton, the former president and CEO of realtor.com® and the president and co-founder of TownAdvisor.com, will present next from 3:25 to 3:40 p.m. His segment, Market De-segmentation vs. Niche Marketing, will focus on how to create a community-centric business plan designed to deepen relationships with local home sellers before and during their visit to the web.
  • From 3:45 to 4 p.m., join Rossi, owner of ROSSI Speaks, Inc., as he presents OmniTasking. While many Realtors® thrive on multitasking, Rossi says agents are OmniTasking, and he can advise you on how to use OmniTasking to reduce stress and make life better.
  • Kicking off the last hour, Jackie Leavenworth will present Can You Read Me Now? from 4:05 to 4:20 p.m. Leavenworth will discuss how to avoid miscommunications that affect your business. Learn how to word emails and texts so they are efficient and productive.
  • Steve Harney, a longtime real estate expert, will take the floor from 4:25 to 4:40 p.m. for Connecting the Dots. Harney will discuss how to help consumers understand the industry better and erase confusion they have about real estate. Learn how to be seen as a local expert in real estate.
  • ED Talks will end with Terry Watson’s The Irk Factor from 4:45 to 5 p.m. Find out what irks consumers most and how you can avoid being on their bad side. If you’re on their bad side, chances are they won’t want to do business with you and may even tell their friends, family or social media streams. Learn to keep consumers happy.

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