Pets have a major influence in homebuyers’ choice

By Kelly Leighton | Aug. 21, 2018 | 2 min. read

Three quarters of Americans with a pet reported they would pass on their dream home if it wasn’t right for their pets.® found in a recent survey that 87 percent of pet owners consider their pets’ comforts when searching for a home, and 88 percent reported their pets’ needs were important or very important. Younger homebuyers with pets were most likely to consider their animals’ needs when searching for a home at 91 percent while only 64 percent of those 55 and older felt that way. Parents were more likely to consider their pets when searching for a home compared to buyers without kids.

So, what are pet owners looking for? The top feature is a large yard, according to 45 percent. Outdoor space was No. 2 with 36 percent, followed by a garage at 33 percent, large square footage at 29 percent, a dog run at 26 percent, sturdy flooring at 26 percent and close proximity to outdoor spaces at 25 percent.

The majority of homebuyers in the survey, 80 percent, said they have a pet. Millennials and Generation Z are the most likely to have a pet, with nearly 90 percent having one, while baby boomers are less likely to have a pet, at 63 percent. Parents are more likely to have a pet compared to those without children, at 91 percent and 57 percent, respectively.

And most people do love dogs, it turns out, as they are the most popular pet. Sixty-four percent of respondents have a pup, while 41 percent have a cat, 12 percent have a bird and 11 percent have a fish. Most dog and cat owners reported they felt strongly about their pets’ comfort, at 90 and 87 percent, respectively. However, 98 percent of those with reptiles, 92 percent of those with rodents, 91 percent of horse owners, 89 percent of those with birds for pets and 87 percent of those with a fish also consider their pets’ needs when looking for a house.

A 2017 NAR study found that 99 percent of those with a pet believe the animal is a part of their family, so it’s no surprise that buyers would consider their needs as well.

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