Seven Tips for Selling a Home This Spring

By Hope Walborn | March 19, 2024 | 2 min. read

Traditionally, spring is a time of heightened buyer interest. As the weather in Pennsylvania (hopefully) begins to warm, here are seven tips for selling a home this spring.

1. Spring clean.

Declutter and deep clean all rooms for a fresh start. Consider donating, storing or discarding unnecessary items to create a more open space.

2. Complete home maintenance and repairs.

Buyers will be more drawn to move-in-ready homes requiring little to no maintenance or repairs. Make necessary fixes to issues that may raise red flags.

3. Make updates and upgrades.

Small upgrades can increase desirability. A fresh coat of paint or new hardware can spruce up a room and help draw in buyers.

4. Improve curb appeal.

After a cold and snowy Pennsylvania winter, a home with neat landscaping and colorful flowers out front will attract potential buyers and provide a sense of new beginnings. A clean and/or freshly painted exterior can go a long way too.

5. Let the light in.

Open curtains and clean windows to let lots of natural light into the home. This will help the space feel warmer and more welcoming, especially after a cold and dreary few months.

6. Consider a fresh scent.

A fresh scent inside the home can be pleasant, clean and welcoming to potential buyers. As always, avoid anything too overpowering. Subtle citrus or floral scents are a good choice, and those with “cotton” or “linen” in the name can be refreshing yet safe for sensitive noses.

7. Highlight outdoor spaces.

Buyers looking to purchase a home in the spring may be extra excited to utilize outdoor spaces. Clean up and consider staging outdoor spaces such as porches, patios, gardens and yard spaces to help buyers imagine themselves spending time outside at home.

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