Erie Is the 13th Most Climate-Conscious Small City

By Hope Walborn | March 13, 2024 | 1 min. read

Erie, Pennsylvania, is the 13th most climate-conscious small city in the country, according to a study from RYCOR HVAC.

To find the most climate-conscious and sustainable small cities in the United States, RYCOR looked at over a hundred and gathered data based on several factors:

  • EnergyStar buildings: number of buildings in the city that are energy efficient and drain the grid less
  • Farmer’s markets: number of farmer’s markets, which provide a climate-conscious approach to food systems
  • Alternative fuel stations: number of stations that provide green alternatives to fossil fuels
  • Walkability: ease of walking in the city/amount of destinations within walking distance
  • Transit types: number of types of public transportation offered to reduce vehicle emissions
  • Amtrak station (yes or no): transportation option for longer distances

Erie ranked No. 13, with an overall score of 4.18 out of 10. According to the study, the city has 16 EnergyStar buildings, four farmer’s markets, 27 alternative fuel stations, a walkability score of 11.03 out of 20 and one public transit type. Erie also has an Amtrak station.

The top five climate-conscious small cities were:

  1. Bakersfield, California (6.62)
  2. Lansing, Michigan (6.07)
  3. Wilmington, Delaware (5.69)
  4. Charlottesville, Virginia (5.42)
  5. Grand Junction, Colorado (5.05)

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