Clients going green? Here are one expert’s tips

By Kelly Leighton | Aug. 17, 2017 | 2 min. read

“Many homeowners aren’t fully aware of the long-term financial benefits tied to going green. Installing eco-friendly and energy-efficient building products will immediately lower energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint of one’s home. Over the course of those products’ lifespan, the homeowner will receive signifigant savings that conventional building materials just don’t offer,” said Ply Gem Windows‘ Mark Montgomery.

Montgomery said the best green feature a homeowner can install are energy-efficient windows, as they have the most benefits, and lower costs.

“A large portion of energy and temperature loss occurs through old, inefficient windows, so it’s critical to install windows and window treatments that maintain the temperature in your home and minimize the losses that end up raising your energy bill. Energy-efficient windows can be optimized for a homeowner’s specific climate and comfort needs, offering the ultimate customization for your home. These windows can come with modified glass options like solar heating and cooling technology, which ensure top of the line performance, comfort and savings,” he said.

Montgomery stressed the importance of buying durable green products. “According to the U.S. Green Building Council, vinyl is a durable cost-effective solution for buildings because of its low maintenance requirements and long life. Building with vinyl saves on energy and material costs. Engineered roofing is made of recyclable materials, is easy to install, doesn’t require additional building resources, cuts down on material waste and transport costs and lasts for years to come,” he said.

Most importantly, remind your clients that they don’t need to go green all at once. “The biggest mistake I see with homeowners who are excited about going green is trying to do too much too fast, and not doing their proper due diligence in researching the materials that they’re going to use, and the potential tax credits that they may receive. Turning your house into a green home is a big step, but it’s one that should be done with a thorough plan in place for how to maximize your investment. Taking the renovations one step at a time can certainly help, and looking into your local and state tax codes is essential,” added Montgomery.

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