Erie Named One of the Most Affordable Places in the Country

By Kelly Leighton | March 17, 2022 | 2 min. read

With home prices peaking at record highs and inventory remaining low across the country, there are still a few places where affordable homes can be found.

Erie was just named by® in a list of the metros with the cheapest housing for sale across the country. Erie was named sixth. While the national median home price hit $392,000 last month, the median home price in Erie was just $148,000.

“Erie sits on the Great Lakes and is a friendly community filled with many inexpensive places to go for entertainment,” said Marsha Marsh, the president of the Greater Erie Board of Realtors®. There is a zoo, Waldameer & Water World, many family-owned restaurants and a sports park for young families to ice skate, practice golf swings, play basketball and soccer.

“We also have Splash Lagoon for year-round family fun, which is more affordable than other splash parks. We love coupons and many businesses offer coupons to get more people to come,” added Marsh.

Describing the area as a blue collar community, Marsh said that the residents work hard for their money and keep the area an affordable location.

“If you want to live in a friendly, community-minded area where schools are progressive and welcoming to relocating buyers, come to Erie,” said Marsh. “Our average house sale is under $200,000 and taxes are reasonable as well. We also have many townships with newer construction that is still affordable. It’s only about 15 minutes to most anything, so no long drives. We also have four universities in our community, which gives us brain power for future endeavors and development.”

“You are welcome to visit, but you might just stay if you visit, so bring your suitcase,” added Marsh.

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