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A truly green REALTOR®

by Susan C. Wright on

In keeping with all the buzz surrounding “green” initiatives, NAR’s Green REsource Council recently unveiled a new program called Green REsource Tools. Along with promoting NAR’s Green Designation, the Green REsource Council has published two free Green Guides. The 2009 Family Guide to Going Green and the 2009 Office Guide to Going Green are both now available.Cynthia Szoradi

Both guides were developed in conjunction with and serve as powerful tools for REALTORS® in marketing as well as maintaining contact with past and prospective clients. The website has its roots in Pennsylvania as it was founded by Cynthia S. Szoradi’s husband. Cynthia, a REALTOR® in Wayne, Pennsylvania, has always been mindful of making green decisions in both her personal and professional lifestyle. Cynthia says, “Living in a way that is healthy for my body/mind and the environment is a top priority.” The website was founded as a result of years of renovating/adding onto their ranch house to make it a “green” home that includes solar panels generating energy to power the home as well as photovoltaic panels that use the sun to heat their hot water.

Cynthia has also implemented green practices into her real estate business. By implementing her knowledge of the green industry and concern for the environment, Cynthia is able to walk clients through potential homes or even renovations focusing on key, earth-friendly points. She says, “Focusing on the ROI when building or buying just makes sense in today’s economy and I feel this is a real value-added service that I offer and it keeps people coming back for more.” Cynthia also maintains a large contact list of Eco-subcontractors who share her passion for the planet.

For REALTORS® just learning about green initiatives, Cynthia recommends visiting not only by also contacting local groups such as the Nature Conservancy, Chamber of Commerce and historical societies. She adds, “Encourage your office to set up a ‘Green group’ with other like-minded REALTORS®” where as a group, you can share knowledge, experience and promote green initiatives to past, current and even future clients.”


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