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Would you move for love?

Have you ever moved for a significant other?

More than 24% of recent respondents in a Hire A Helper survey said they have moved for a relationship before. And usually? It works out. Seventy-three percent of those who moved for a relationship were still together with their partner at least a year post-move.

Men are slightly more likely than women to move, at 27% compared to 23%, while millennials are more likely than any other generation to move for love, at 31%. However, men were more likely than women to have a difficult time deciding to relocate, at 38% to 28%. Distance-wise, 46% of respondents said they would only move within their city or state for their other half, while 44% said they would be willing to go further, including 15% who said they would consider moving across the country, and 7% who would consider moving out of the country.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents who moved for a partner reported still being with their partner currently, while 27% said the relationship dissolved after less than a year and 10% said it was over less than three months after the move. The majority of respondents think that six months is the ideal time to be together before talking about moving.

Despite not every relationship lasting, 65% said they are very glad or somewhat glad they made the decision to relocate for their significant other, while about 15% have regrets about it.

The hardest part of moving for love was deciding whether to move, according to 32%, followed by adjusting to life in a new area at 31.1%. Other reasons cited: leaving their old life behind, said more than 30%, and managing a long-distance relationship. Only 26.6% cited the actual moving process as the biggest headache in the decision.

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