Debunking Rumors Based on Legal Hotline Questions

We’ve heard several issues from members in the past several days, which prompted me to produce a video on Monday. Here is a brief summary of some of the issues you need to be aware of: A new phone call/email scam requesting social security numbers. A few members report that they’ve received phone calls or emails from individuals claiming […]

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COVID-19 Addendum Available for Use

The COVID-19 Addendum to the Agreement of Sale can be used to modify the terms of the sales agreement in the event third-party services become unavailable or so limited that meeting deadlines in the sales agreement are impossible or impractical.

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Solar Leases: Landowners Beware

Payment provisions for commercial solar project leases are far from the only issue that needs to be addressed in lease negotiations. Some of the more serious issues presented include restrictions on the landowner’s use of the land, how much of the land will actually be utilized once the solar project comes to fruition (as this is often the basis for determining the payments) and what are the requirements for restoring the land once the solar lease terminates.

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