What amenities renters are looking for?

By Kelly Leighton | June 6, 2019 | 2 min. read

When searching for the perfect property to rent, the majority of renters have their list of must-haves.

Beyond the location and cost, what features do renters want the most? Zumper recently released a list of the top ten amenities renters want for when searching for a new place. The top wish? Air conditioning, according to searches.

The next top-requested amenity is a washer and dryer in-unit. Many renters are sick of schlepping to and from a laundromat with their clothes or paying to have them laundered. A dishwasher is third on the list, considering many millennials, who make up the majority of renters, are cooking at home these days, making it not surprising they don’t want to wash and dry all those dishes.

On-site laundry is fourth on the list. If they can’t have it in the place, they at least want it nearby. An assigned parking spot is fifth on the list. While this feature is mostly nonexistent in larger metropolitan areas, in smaller cities, it is a more popular request. If an assigned parking lot isn’t on the table, garage parking is suitable, as that feature came in ninth.

Sixth on the list is a central heating system. The report also pointed out that many millennials are on the move. Dragging heavy furniture from city to city is unpleasant, so it’s not surprising that a furnished apartment landed in seventh.

Rounding out the top ten are a balcony and eighth and hardwood flooring in tenth.

What don’t renters want? Zumper found that the least-searched items were a roof-top deck, package service, concierge service, a residents lounge and a dry cleaning service.


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