Wellness Tips for Real Estate Professionals

By Hope Walborn | Nov. 9, 2023 | 2 min. read

Realtors® often put in long hours, work evenings and weekends and are on call at all times. This combined with their lack of a set schedule and the challenges of the real estate market contributes to stress and can lead to burnout (emotional, mental and physical exhaustion caused by high stress).

It is important to avoid chronic stress (stress that persists long-term) not only because it negatively affects your quality of life and increases the risk of burnout, but also because it can lead to more serious mental and physical health problems, including anxiety, depression and cardiovascular issues.

Self-care is the number one way to combat stress.

“Avoiding burnout is a holistic process,” says Jennifer Cassetta, wellness expert and keynote speaker. “What’s right for one person might not be right for another.”

Many people say they’re too busy to find time for themselves, but the problem is that they’re not prioritizing it. If you can’t find time, you must make time. Cassetta stresses the importance of prioritizing your wellness, saying, “If you don’t have your health, you can’t be a good Realtor®, you can’t be a good parent, you can’t do anything, really.”

She advises putting your health at the top of your priorities by blocking out time in your daily schedule for self-care. While this will vary from person to person, she mentions meditation, yoga, journaling, positive thinking and affirmations as examples of mindful and reflective self-care practices.

For Realtors® especially, it’s important to draw boundaries between this personal time and the time spent on work. Though it may be tempting to be accessible to clients at all hours, establishing a healthy work/life balance is crucial for your personal well-being.

“There has to be boundaries around your time,” Cassetta says. “Not everyone should have access to you at all times.” She advises setting hours you’re available for showings, meetings and answering calls/texts apart from hours you spend at home, relaxing and with family and friends and setting the expectations for your clients so they understand when you’re available.

Taking care of your physical health will also improve overall wellness and decrease stress levels. This includes healthy eating, daily exercise, hydration and proper sleep.

Cassetta is hosting a session at NAR NXT on Nov. 15 titled, “From Burnout to Badass: Mind and Body Wellness Hacks for Real Estate Professionals.”

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