Finding the right work-life balance

By Polinchock, F. Todd | Feb. 21, 2014 | 2 min. read

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Todd Polinchock

Whether you’re new to real estate or a seasoned veteran, it doesn’t take long to find out how time can get away from you.

Balancing the demands of family and business is essential if you want a long and profitable career in real estate. You’ll also find out how working less can lead to greater productivity.

Here are some ways you can bring balance into your life:

  1. Allocate your time. Multitasking accomplishes many minor duties at once, but be aware that it can also be counterproductive. There are times when you must give your undivided attention to a conversation with a friend, colleague or client. Perfect your time-management skills and your life will become more balanced.
  2. Plan your day in advance. Write down a list of top priorities or a “to do” list for the day. By writing these goals down and scheduling them, you are committing yourself to doing them.
  3. Set aside quiet time. As Realtors®, our smartphones can be our best friend, but it’s also our family’s worst nightmare. Make it a point to schedule time with your family and friends, and activities that help you recharge.
  4. Learn the power of saying “no.” Sometimes we forget how important it is to say “no” when we’re busy. Once you’ve set your priorities with your work and home life, it will be easier for you to say no to things you don’t really have time for or want to do.

Juggling a successful career and happy home life will probably always be a challenge for us as Realtors®. Many of us are workaholics and need to find the right balance of work and personal obligations. We need to allocate our time in a way that honors our commitments to our business, to our family and to ourselves.

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