Tips for making 2018 your best year of business yet

By Kelly Leighton | Dec. 19, 2017 | 2 min. read

What can you do to make next year better for your real estate business?

Terry Watson said you should start today. Watson, ABR®, CRS®, is founder and president of Watson World Inc., a real estate and leadership training company. Firstly, Watson said you need to make your real estate business more efficient.

“Anything can be improved,” said Watson. “Make a list of all the people who should not get to go with you into 2018. Every day, make it a goal to beat yesterday.”

Watson said as Realtors®, the focus needs to be on the consumer experience. “Figure out what it is that annoys people and stop doing it. Demonstrate more value. What is going to be the consumer’s experience? Give them the better experience, and they will come to you,” he added.

Watson said to make sure clients are aware of what is about to happen. Preparing them helps them understand the transaction, and leaves little room for unpleasant surprises. “Stop making people think. Make things so easy they don’t have to think,” he said. “Focus on the customer service.”

If you encounter a problem, don’t let it happen again. “The next time someone complains about something, they are giving you a gift,” he said. It’s a chance to improve your business.

However, Watson is adamant about always having a good time. “Never stop having fun,” he said. “Post fun stuff on social media.” Watson suggested using more articles and photos on your social media. Most important for 2018? Video, he said.

“2018 is the year of the video,” he added.

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