Tips for landlords to have the best relationship with their tenants

By Kelly Leighton | Feb. 27, 2015 | 3 min. read

As a reputable Realtor®, you want to help your clients find reliable renters for their properties.

If they end up with renters who trash the place and don’t pay rent, chances are they are going to pretty unhappy. While you can’t predict how a renter could possibly act, Trey Duling, of, offers five tips for helping your landlords find the most reliable renters.

  1. Make sure your landlord performs background checks. This might seem like a very logical thing to do, but you would be surprised at how many landlords never ask the prospective tenant for a background check. Duling recommends Tenant Background Search. This service provides an eviction report, FICA score and nationwide criminal background report for about $25 per report.
  2. Provide your client with all legal documents. This is self-explanatory, but be sure your clients have all the necessary paperwork, and that you both agree on what the terms are. Landlords should know that legal action is sometimes unavoidable, and you want to make sure they have the best agreement possible. PAR has standard forms available here that can be used.
  3. Be upfront and honest with the renters before they rent. If the property is older and drafty, and thus has a high heating bill in the winter, make sure the landlord informs the tenants. It is better for them to know in advance rather than calling in January complaining about their electric bill, and trying to break the lease. Remind your landlords that it is always the best practice to be fair and upfront when dealing with your tenants.
  4. Include routine maintenance in the monthly rental amount. Make sure the renters know they are responsible for mowing the lawn in the summer and shoveling the snow in the winter. There is nothing that will hurt the value of a house more than poor curb appeal, said Duling. If the landlord would prefer to take care if it personally, Duling suggests including the upkeep of the yard, spraying of weeds, trash removal service, etc. in the monthly amount. This way, your client can pay to have someone other than the renter provide these services, and thus make sure they are done properly.
  5. Make sure the renters provide their own insurance. It is always a good idea to put in the agreement that the renters must provide their own renter’s insurance. This way, if something unfortunate happens, it does not affect the landlord. Duling also suggests setting up the rental property or properties in an LLC; this way, so your landlord’s personal assets are protected, should something happen unexpectedly at the rental property.

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