Seven tips for Realtors® on-the-go

By Diana Dietz | Aug. 21, 2014 | 2 min. read

A typical day for an on-the-go Realtor® may consist of client meetings, driving to showings and networking with potential buyers and sellers.

“A professional appearance is an important part of your personal brand, but a busy lifestyle can make it difficult to maintain a polished look,” according to a blog posting on

HomeFinder compiled seven tips for real estate professionals to look their best on-the-go:

  1. Use versatile products: Household classics can double as a staple that will keep you looking your best during your daily routine. Johnson’s® Baby Powder can function as a dry shampoo or moisture-absorbent deodorant, and Johnson’s® Baby Oil will work as a makeup remover or help tame flyaway hairs.
  2. Protect your smile: Between coffee client meetings and evening networking events, maintaining a bright smile can be a challenge. Use a portable teeth-whitening pen between showings to keep your teeth clean and bright.
  3. Prepare for inclement weather: Showings and open houses occur rain or shine, so stay dry and look professional in even the worst conditions. Keep a portable, water-resistant hood in your glove compartment to stay dry without dealing with bulky rain gear.
  4. Revive and refresh: Spending hours in front of your car’s air conditioner can take a toll on your skin. Keep skin hydrated with natural facial oil. A little goes a long way, so use a light hand when applying.
  5. Keep clothes clean: Spills and stains can be unavoidable when driving, or eating and drinking on the go. A cleaning mitt can wipe off unexpected clothing marks like deodorant, salt and lint without water. Store in your console to be client-ready in no time.
  6. Stay handshake-ready: How many hands do you shake on a daily basis? A lotion bar is a mess-free way to keep your hands soft without the risk of spilling liquid lotion. Consider an unscented bar to ensure the fragrance doesn’t irritate others.
  7. Be healthy: Staying healthy is an essential part in looking your best. Carry anti-bacterial travel wipes to keep to bacteria off of steering wheels, makeup utensils and even Chapstick. These wipes are also food-friendly and can remove wax and dirt from fresh produce.

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