Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Named Affordable Places to Retire

By Kelly Leighton | Feb. 22, 2021 | 2 min. read

With more retirees relocating, Pennsylvania offers opportunities for affordable housing in two towns, a new report found.

According to The 20 Most Affordable Places to Retire in 2021, Pittsburgh is the eighth most affordable place to retire, while Philadelphia is 11th. The site factored in cost of living, median home value, median income, home prices, 55+ community selection, state taxes, transit score, walk score, volunteer opportunities and climate.

The Pittsburgh area was commended for low housing prices, low taxes, with plenty of opportunities for volunteering, walking and mass transit. Pittsburgh also offers plenty of cultural opportunities, including a variety of museums, as well as a wealth of outdoor activities, with trails for walking, hiking and biking. For sports fans, whether it’s hockey, football, baseball or anything in between, Pittsburgh offers a team to root for. Pittsburgh also offers a variety of affordable homes and amenities for retirees.

In Philadelphia, the cost of living is low, taxes are affordable, while walking ability and transit were also commended. Additionally, Philly offers more than 100 communities for seniors. Philadelphia also has a plethora of culture, from museums to historical sites, along with public parks and walking trails for outdoor activity. With four professional sports teams, Philly is also a great option for sports fans.

Boynton Beach Area in Florida was named the top affordable area for retirees.

WalletHub named Pennsylvania the 32nd best place to retire, with the Keystone State gaining points for quality of life, but losing points due to healthcare options.

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