Philadelphia one of the best places to live for retirees who love to travel

By Kelly Leighton | Nov. 29, 2018 | 2 min. read

Philadelphia was recently named one of the best cities for retirees who want to travel.

According to SmartAsset, thanks to Philadelphia’s affordable living situation, retirees should be easily able to fit traveling into the budget. Beyond flying across the country – or world – Philadelphia is in close driving proximity to many other big cities, like New York City, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

“Philadelphia ranks as the seventh-best city for retirees who want to travel, due in part to home affordability and travel accessibility. Seniors who choose to retire in Philly should have room in their budget for travel expenses as the city’s median housing costs make up just 26 percent of the average household income for seniors nationwide. Plus, the Philadelphia International Airport offers a relatively high number of domestic flights, international flights and unique international destinations, so local retirees with wanderlust should have no problem planning their dream trips,” said Smart Asset’s VP of Financial Education AJ Smith.

The study found that the median home costs are only $941 per month in Philadelphia. However, Philadelphia did have one of the highest costs of flights in the study. The average domestic fare from the airport is $381, which may mean keeping some trips to locations that are withing driving distance to be more affordable for seniors.

Las Vegas, Phoenix and Dallas were the top three best cities for retirees who have the travel bug, thanks to their affordability, cost of flights and tax rates.

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