Majority of Americans want to be homeowners through retirement

By Kelly Leighton | July 25, 2018 | 2 min. read

Eighty-five percent of non-retired Americans want to be homeowners through retirement. And 80 percent are confident they will not have a mortgage during that time.

According to Voya Financial, between both retirees and non-retirees, 49 percent prefer to live in their current location with the same lifestyle in retirement, while 50 percent prefer to move to a different location. Most of those who wish to stay where they are already own their home, and those who have already retired are most likely to prefer to stay in their home, as opposed to moving somewhere more desirable.

Of those who do wish to relocate, 35 percent want to live near the coast, while 30 percent want to be near the great outdoors and 23 percent want a small suburb. Still, 11 percent yearn for an urban setting. Sixty-three percent of couples agree with each other on where they want to live in retirement.

In retirement, people are most likely to want to live near family, at 38 percent, while 12 percent said the cost of living was the top factor. An additional 12 percent reported convenient amenities were influential, and 11 percent cited climate as their top feature. Only 5 percent said the size of the home and property were a top factor. Twenty-seven percent of non-retirees said they would prefer to downsize, instead of saving to purchase their dream home in retirement.

However, 15 percent of people are concerned about housing costs in retirement, which is only topped by health care costs (41 percent) and day-to-day living expenses (22 percent).

Among retirees who took the survey, 79 percent own their homes, while 18 percent rent. Twenty-six percent of retirees still had a mortgage, with 16 percent owing $50,000 or more.

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