Forget golf, younger retirees prefer to live near dog parks

By Kelly Leighton | May 28, 2018 | 2 min. read

Younger retirees are trading in a preference for living near a golf course to living near a dog park.

According to a recent John Burns Real Estate Consulting report, which surveyed close to 3,000 registered new-home shoppers born in the 1940s and 5,200 new home shoppers born in the 1950s, 56 percent of those new-home shoppers born in the 1950s, also known as innovators, prefer to live near a dog park. Comparatively, only 47 percent prefer to reside near a golf cart trail that link to all for easy access, a decrease of 6 percent since last year. More of the 1950s generation prefer to have organic gardens in a personal backyard (at 49 percent) than close access to a golf course.

However, older retirees, those born in the 1940s, also known as achievers, prefer to live near a golf course over any other park amenities, at 53 percent. Yet, dog parks aren’t far behind, with 50 percent of this generation preferring to live near one. Tennis court access is also important to both of these age groups, with 45 percent of 1950s babies showing a preference for living near one along with 43 percent of 1940s generation.

Some other park preferences have seen serious decreases over the years. Closeness to pickle ball courts has declined in popularity, dropping 8 percent to 22 percent for innovators, while only 30 percent of achievers request to be close to one.

Unsurprisingly, children’s water and play areas, such as splash pads, as well as basketball courts and sand volleyball courts are requested less than most other park amenities.

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