Deck the Halls… Without Damaging Anything

By Kelly Leighton | Dec. 13, 2021 | 2 min. read

‘Tis the season!

Whether you are a Clark Griswold or an Ebenezer Scrooge, chances are you’re doing at least a little decorating for whatever holiday you are celebrating this winter. Sure, you know the hazards of hanging lights outside, lighting candles on the menorah and hanging glass ornaments on the tree when there are pets or small children around. But did you ever think of the damage you could be causing your home?

According to Window World, there are a variety of ways to decorate without causing damages. This year, skip the hammers and drills before you hang anything. Instead, they recommend using adhesive clips, shingle tabs and gutter hooks to hang your festive lights on the exterior of your home. Using nails or a staple gun can create tiny holes, which may lead to leaks. Just make sure you check the bulbs before you’re up on the rooftop with your hooks. Another common mistake consumers make is putting nails in the door to hang a wreath. This could also lead to leaks, and a strong adhesive hook can do the job without any damage to your property.

What’s Christmas without a tree? While most fake ones are fire-resistant, a live one can be a hazard. The site suggests checking your tree for freshness, which will ensure it will last longer and be less likely to burn quickly. It’s imperative to keep any tree away from heated places, whether it be a fireplace or vent. The National Fire Protection Association reported that annually, Christmas tree fires cause $10 million in direct property damage.

Candles are another fire hazard. While we all love the smell of cinnamon or winter balsa, NFPA found that Christmas day is the peak for candle fires. If you are using candles for light, consider investing in battery-powered ones. If you are using them for scent, consider wax melts.

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