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How technology is impacting real estate and how it affects you

By: Kelly Leighton on in

“Real estate, like many industries, is going through a transformative phase at the moment, and those Realtors® that keep up on the technology will be the most successful,” said Steve Horton of the real estate software development company Chetu.

It’s hard to keep up with all the advances technology continues to make. “Artificial intelligence, whether that’s advanced chatbots or predictive buying and selling technology, will assist Realtors® greatly in the coming years. Any kind of software that can automate the buying and selling process will take much of the busywork and headache from a successful Realtor®,” said Horton.

“Working with a software company that understands the ins and outs of real estate and stays on the cutting edge will ensure a forward-facing Realtor® always keeps up with the latest technology trends. A busy Realtor® will want to ensure their home beacons are working to alert drivers, the augmented reality furniture places right the first time, and so on,” added Horton.

Implementing some of these features may seem overwhelming, and many Realtors® don’t know where to begin. “Read blogs and case studies about success stories involving software and real estate, and go and do likewise. Learn about valuation engines and CRM software tailored to the real estate professional,” advised Horton.

Despite continuing evolution of technology, it is unlikely that Realtors® will ever be replaced. “I do think the role of a Realtor® will change over time from someone that crunches the numbers by hand and does reams of paperwork to someone who uses the blockchain effectively to automate and secure the process digitally,” said Horton.

Pandemic Influences Consumers’ Opinions on Smart Home Technology

Interest in smart home technology isn’t new, as 57% of respondents said they previously owned some type of smart home technology, most likely a smart TV, smart home speakers, a smart doorbell, a robot vacuum and a connected climate control systems/smart thermostat. However, with the pandemic, there has been a shift in what type of smart home technology people are looking for, as consumers lean toward more safety and security devices, as opposed to luxury items. 

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Technology for Realtors®: Where to Invest

According to Ryan Herbst, chief strategist for, the must-have tools Realtors® are a great smartphone with high quality camera, a laptop like a Microsoft Surface and a business-grade Bluetooth headset.

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  • Jacki Hunt   February 28, 2019 at 10:54 am

    All the latest technology and automation in the world will not make good Realtors. A real estate agent who listens and works to understand the circumstances of his/her clients will create a base of support for significant referrals in the future. I believe that staying in touch with past clients in meaningful ways, understanding the true needs of current clients, being more interested in doing the right thing for clients beyond building an empire based on technology alone creates true success in what is an important service. Whether helping people purchase their first home, sell a family home after the parents have passed, or work through a complicated divorce in the sale of a home, it’s significantly more than automated efficiency.

    Reply to Jacki Hunt
    • tom lowy   March 1, 2019 at 5:23 pm

      I agree with you completly It is a poor sportsman who blames the tools.

      Reply to tom lowy

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