Women’s History Month: Two Realtors® Share Why They Love Real Estate

By Hope Walborn | March 1, 2024 | 5 min. read

During March, PAR celebrates Women’s History Month by highlighting female Realtors® and their journeys in the real estate industry.

Barb Murdocca, a member of the Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors®, has been a Realtor® for 11 years. She has served in various positions at both the local and state levels, including chair of GHAR’s Commercial Council Board of Directors, chair of PAR’s Commercial, Industrial & Investment Committee and on both associations’ board of directors.

“Wanting a career that would give me the flexibility to manage my busy schedule as a mother while also providing long-term growth opportunities, I made the decision to pursue a career as a Realtor®,” Murdocca says, recounting how she got into real estate. “With my background in commercial property management and construction operations, obtaining my real estate license felt like the natural progression in my professional journey.”

“I love that I am connected with an industry that allows me to combine my passion for my career with my dedication to serving others,” she continues. “There are only a handful of industries that truly embrace the importance of community service and philanthropy. I am grateful for the numerous opportunities to volunteer my time and create professional programs that have a meaningful impact. These experiences have also connected me with like-minded professionals who share the same commitment to enhancing our communities, both personally and professionally.”

Murdocca’s favorite part of working with buyers and sellers is the opportunity to build relationships with her clients and help others achieve their goals. Her own proudest accomplishment is receiving the Commercial Member of the Year award from GHAR in December.

“This award held special significance as it was the first year it was introduced,” she says. “I am truly passionate about giving back to my association and contributing to the growth of a robust community of commercial Realtors®. Through the creation of new educational resources and programs, my goal in serving my local association was to foster greater engagement amongst our real estate professionals.”

Murdocca believes female representation is especially important in the industry and both empowers and inspires other women.

“Visibility is not just important, it is empowering. When other women see successful female real estate professionals who have overcome challenges and achieved great heights, they are not only inspired but also encouraged to follow in their footsteps,” says Greater Harrisburg Realtor® Barb Murdocca.

“Visibility is not just important, it is empowering,” she emphasizes. “When other women see successful female real estate professionals who have overcome challenges and achieved great heights, they are not only inspired but also encouraged to follow in their footsteps. This creates a beautiful cycle of mentorship and mutual support where experienced professionals uplift and guide the next generation, fostering an environment of continuous growth and learning. Together, we can create a thriving community that celebrates the achievements of women and paves the way for even greater success in the future.”

Her best advice for other Realtors® is to network, learn and persist. Murdocca encourages others in the industry to build strong relationships and not to get discouraged by inevitable challenges. She says, “Never allow anyone to determine what you are capable of achieving and how your future is to be written.”

Suzanne Kunda has been a Realtor® for 20 years and is a member of Tri-County Suburban Realtors®, where she is a board member and served as the 2023 chairman. She previously held various positions at the Montgomery County Association of Realtors®, including 2018 president. She has also been a PAR director since 2014.

“I began to invest in real estate in 2003 and it sparked an interest,” Kunda shares. “I decided to get my real estate license and thought I could enter the business on a part-time basis. I quickly converted to a full-time agent within a few months because I loved it!”

“I am an entrepreneur by nature, so this was a perfect fit,” she continues. “Real estate has allowed me the freedom to create my own business and open my own independent brokerage. I have helped so many people find their home and a sense of security through the physical home plus the financial investment into their future. It is life changing for them and I have found every experience so rewarding.”

“I think it is important for women to be represented in any industry. Diversity provides incredible perspective,” says Tri-County Suburban Realtor® Suzanna Kunda.

Kunda’s favorite part of working with buyers and sellers is helping them plan and execute their goals. “I love helping them map the route to their goal,” she explains. “Buying or selling a home is a very intricate process and each step can possibly throw a curveball. I truly enjoy working through each step, explaining the process and reaching the finish line with our clients.”

Her proudest accomplishment since becoming a Realtor® is owning her own independent brokerage, which has provided a sense of pride and brought her new opportunities.

“We all know the real estate market is cyclical, but the peaks and the valleys are always something a Realtor® must work with in their daily life and their business plans,” she acknowledges. “During the more difficult cycles, as a smaller broker, we have always been able to quickly adjust to changing market conditions and remain successful and prosperous.”

“I think it is important for women to be represented in any industry,” Kunda says. “Diversity provides incredible perspective.”

“I would encourage anyone who is conscientious and committed to become involved in real estate,” she adds. “If one enjoys helping others, it is an incredibly rewarding career.”

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