Bloodstains and Bedroom Spirits: Spooky Stories in Real Estate

By Hope Walborn | Oct. 31, 2023 | 3 min. read

“Oh, that’s where he died,” one seller said nonchalantly, pointing to a large stain in the living room while passing through.

From unfortunate events to paranormal presences, sometimes homes have pasts worthy of sending a chill down homebuyers’ spines. Part of the job as a Realtor® involves entering unfamiliar homes and learning more about them. In turn, some Realtors® might have a spooky story or two of their own.

“I was asked to come out and do a listing appointment, and when I went out, we were looking at all the properties except for the house,” Realtor® and member of the Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors® Nick Feagley recounts.

Feagley was shown the barn, pool barn, garage and shed before the seller asked if he wanted to see the house. He found this order of events to be odd but followed the seller inside to see the home finally.

When the two got to the living room, Feagley was shocked to see a giant cutout from the carpet and underlayment revealing a large stain behind the couch. This is when the seller pointed casually as they passed and stated, “Oh, that’s where he died.”

Unsettled by the obvious bloodstain in the room and the seller’s nonchalant statement, Feagley asked what had happened. The seller explained that the previous owner had a ruptured aneurysm and bled out. Because he was alone at the time, police officers had to remove part of the carpet and underlayment for further investigation.

While there was no foul play or ill intent, the presence of a bloodstain in the living room was eerie enough for Feagley to remember the encounter years later.

Speaking of presences, Scott Geller, Realtor® and member of Bucks County Association of Realtors®, says he sold a haunted house… twice!

“I sold a house in my neighborhood to a woman who lived there for several years,” Geller recalls. When the woman went to move out, she asked for his help selling the property again.

“She told me, ‘I didn’t want to say anything beforehand, but the front bedroom has a spirit in it. It’s not like, a mean or bad ghost, but there’s definitely a presence in that front bedroom.’”

Geller sold the home to a new owner and a couple of years passed. One day, the man who bought the house struck up a conversation with Geller’s wife and mentioned the same spooky feeling in the same front bedroom that the previous owner had talked about. The two owners hadn’t talked previously about the alleged ghost, but they both separately claimed the room had an odd feeling, a coolness when they walked through and that objects seemed to move places on their own. Talk about spooky!

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