Six Pennsylvania Realtors® Recognized for Induction Into NAR RPAC Hall of Fame

By Kelly Leighton | May 4, 2021 | 3 min. read

Pennsylvania Realtors® Greg Herb of the Tri-County Suburban Realtors®, Bill Lublin from the Bucks County Association of Realtors®, Kathleen McQuilkin from the Tri-County Suburban Realtors®, Merlin Weaver of the Reading-Berks Association of Realtors®, Conrad Vanino from the Reading-Berks Association of Realtors® and Sandra Stevens of the North Central Penn Board of Realtors® were all recognized for their induction in the NAR RPAC Hall of Fame.

Herb and Lublin, current NAR RPAC Hall of Fame members, were recognized for moving up to Level 2 in the RPAC Hall of Fame, while McQuilkin, Weaver, Vanino and Stevens are new inductees.


“In a world where our industry struggled against a background of world-changing events, and our members were protected by our having a seat at the table, I’m proud to be a major investor and a supporter of RPAC,” said Lublin. “It is said that if you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu. Realtors® aren’t, because of RPAC and the Realtor® Party. I’m proud to invest in that protection.”


“I’ve always believed that a donation to RPAC is a small price to pay for all of the benefits we receive from the real estate industry. I’m honored to be inducted into the RPAC Hall of Fame for a second time, and look forward to reaching the next  Hall of Fame level,” added Lublin.

Herb echoed the importance of investing in RPAC. “Investing in RPAC is the single most important thing we can do as Realtors® to protect private property rights and ensure we have the elected officials who understand the importance of protecting these rights,” he said.

Vanino has been an RPAC investor since the 1960s, when the PAC was first started in Pennsylvania. “States around us were passing legislation that mandated the Agreements of Sale could only be prepared by attorneys,” recalled Vanino. “We did not want that to happen in Pennsylvania. That was the catalyst that got the PAC started. And every year since then, something has come up in the legislature that is important, so I continue to support.”


Vanino said being inducted in the Hall of Fame is “secondary.” “I don’t do it for the glory, I do it for the cause. I just wish more people would invest,” he added.

Weaver called the induction an “honor.”


“As a Realtor®, I can serve as the main line of defense for advocating for private property rights and the path to homeownership,” he said. “I’m a proud defender of these rights that we so easily take for granted during the hustle and bustle of our business. I proudly wear my RPAC Hall of Fame pin and will continue to be advocate for as long as possible.”

Stevens remarked on the importance of RPAC for Realtors®.

“I donate to RPAC because it is extremely important that Realtors® continue to protect private property rights for every property in the United States,” said Stevens. “Realtors®, in my opinion, are the watchdogs for making sure private property rights  are protected from all influences on a local, state, and federal level.”


McQuilkin added: “Investing in RPAC supports public policy advocacy for our industry and private property rights, as well as advancing the goal of fair housing and the American dream of homeownership for all. It is the right thing to do as a Realtor®, and I am honored to be recognized.”


The Hall of Fame recognizes dedicated members whose RPAC investments total an aggregate of at least $25,000.

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