Pennsylvania Realtor® warns of potential danger

By Kelly Leighton | Sept. 23, 2015 | 3 min. read

Pennsylvania Realtor® Michelle Rowe was happy to get a referral from a former client.

However, once the new client reached out to her, Rowe, a Realtor® with Realty Executives in Wind Gap, soon became suspicious.

“The man called me, and said I was highly recommended. He said he had seen the property he was interested in with another agent, but didn’t like her ‘vibe,’ and wanted to work with me. He said he wanted to buy 500 or more acres,” she said.

She asked him what he wanted to do with so much land, and he told her he wanted to build low-income housing and a supermarket. Rowe asked him how he had planned to pay for “this huge endeavor.”

Rowe became suspicious when he told her he had a grant, but offered no details. When she pressed for more information, he had nothing to offer. “He just kept repeating himself. How could you not know what kind of grant you have?”

She pressed on, thinking maybe he didn’t quite understand her question.  When he asked what part of town the area was near, she informed him that the area was in the woods, which seemed to pique his interest. “Another red flag,” she said.

“Yet again, I asked him to tell me more about how he will pay about it. He said he has a partner and he said they were contractors, but he wouldn’t tell me his company’s name and just kept repeating himself,” she said, adding that he mentioned he wanted to spend $500 million.

Rowe then asked him for his name, phone number and email to send him information. “He immediately got defensive and told me he was not trying to hurt or rape anyone, which was another major red flag,” she said. He told her he didn’t have an email, but after time, he gave her his name, phone number and a P.O. Box.

After getting off the phone with him, Rowe called the agent he said had shown him the property earlier. She said she had met him at her office, and then at another time at the property, but brought a man with her to the remote location. When she arrived, he saw her male passenger, and left.

Unfortunately, situations like these aren’t as rare as we hope they are, and it is so important to remember your life is worth more than a sale. It’s important to put your safety first.

September is Realtor® Safety Month. The National Association of Realtors® offers a variety of tips and resources to help protect yourself. Educate yourself and always be alert.

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