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What Couples Are Arguing About in the Homebuying Process

by Kelly Leighton on

Buying a home together is a pretty big step for most couples.

Nearly 80% of respondents in a recent LendingHome survey who are in a relationship, said that buying a property with their significant other is “very important” to them. Sixty percent of respondents live with their partner currently and 64% of those couples have bought a house together. However, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Homebuying led to arguments for some couples. In fact, 4% said they disagreed with the biggest thing of all – the home they purchased.

The thing most couples fought over when buying a house? The price, said 53%, which is not surprising in today’s market. Following price was location, according to 29%, and 29% said the condition of the home, disagreeing about whether to buy a new home or a fixer upper. The style or size of the home was an issue for 18% of respondents.

There were discrepancies among gender as well. Men were more likely than women to say they disagreed about the condition of the home. Sixty percent of men wanted to buy a fixer-upper, while their significant other wanted a new home. Women were more likely to say they disagreed with the price of the property with their partner.

However, most couples are prepared for these hardships. More than 90% said they have worked on a homebuying budget with their significant other and one-third of respondents said they spent as long as two years saving to afford a home.


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