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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

In response to the growing concern regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® has addressed frequently asked questions from Realtors® and consumers.

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Agents Predict More Inventory Is on the Way

Eighty percent of agents said they feel optimistic about this year’s housing market.

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Certificates of Resale and Building Collapse – What Do They Have in Common?

Agents understand the importance of obtaining certificates of resale limit the buyer’s opportunity to terminate, and thus the emphasis has been on obtaining and delivering the appropriate documents. Many, however, fail to appreciate the reason behind the law’s requirement.

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Following the CDC’s Guidance: What It Means for Realtors®

Though this isn’t a mandate, I would still encourage you to be respectful and look out for all of our colleagues and clients. We must continue to be the professionals that set a good example by representing our Realtor® brand. 

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First-Time Homebuyers Still Motivated, Despite Struggles

First-time buyers so say they are motivated to buy. Seventy-seven percent are actively saving for a down payment, 70% are making lifestyle changes to be able to buy a home and 66% are budgeting while trying to improve their credit score.

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Will We See an Increase in Inventory?

On average, a home spent about 37 days on the market, compared to 72 days last June.

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Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Named Top Cities for Singles

Thirty percent of respondents in a recent study said they moved to a new city after a breakup, with 20% moving to a new state.

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