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National Radon Action Month Is a Reminder to Check Levels

by Kelly Leighton on

January marks National Radon Action Month.

What better way to reconnect with your clients after the holidays than to send them a helpful reminder to check their radon levels? Radon, a colorless and odorless gas, can be present in high levels in a home without a resident realizing. Radon is found in both old homes and new homes, as it typically comes from soil gas. Exposure to high rates of radon can lead to future problems, like lung cancer. Breathing in radon leads to the death of 15,000-22,000 people a year, falling only behind smoking in causing lung cancer, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Testing for radon is simple. There are affordable at-home tests available at most home improvement and hardware stores. Also, you can hire a state-certified testing company. For radon levels equal to or higher than 4.0 picocuries (4 pCi/L), corrective action is recommended. Mitigators, certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, can help homeowners control high levels. DEP offers this list, which is updated monthly, containing the names of individuals and businesses who are certified to test for radon and install mitigation systems if needed.

According to DEP, 40% of homes in Pennsylvania have high levels of radon due to the commonwealth’s geology. Now is the time to check your levels and remind your clients to check theirs as well.


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