Webinar Recap: Real Estate Investment Essentials

By Hope Walborn | May 27, 2024 | 3 min. read

Real estate coach and author Josh Cadillac shared his advice on how to work confidently with and stand out to real estate investors in PAR’s monthly webinar last week. In addition to speaking and writing, he is a top producer in the residential market and runs the commercial and crypto/metaverse division of the Real Estate Empire Group.

Cadillac shared three essential keys to working with real estate investors.

1. Rapport

Cadillac emphasized the importance of keeping clients in real estate. While many real estate professionals try to improve business by increasing clients, he reminded Realtors® to work towards keeping their current ones.

While there’s always new, shiny technology in real estate, from AI to social media, he encouraged Realtors® to focus on building and maintaining rapport with their clients.

“It’s not the shiny things; it’s the fundamental things that we have to get right,” he said. “And it starts with the customer.”

2. Credibility

“Have you done anything to establish credibility?” Cadillac asked. “Have you done anything to show your client that you’ve done the work in advance to meet their needs?”

When working with investors, Cadillac shared that his opening conversation with them always aims to establish his credibility as a professional. He asks investors if they’ve ever invested in real estate, and he believes that’s all he needs to know.

“I establish my credibility in that conversation,” he said. “If they’ve invested in other things but not in real estate before, I explain to them the value of the product. If they’ve invested in real estate before, I have to make the case for why I’m the best agent to take and represent them going forward.”

An important part of establishing credibility is knowing your real estate investment terms. Cadillac shared a list of key terms to know, such as amortization, capital gains, proforma, 1031 and vacancy factor, and explained their importance in investment transactions. Knowing your terms and how to apply them helps establish your credibility with your clients and potential clients.

3. Trust

“I told you rapport, I told you credibility, the third thing you need is trust.”

Cadillac stressed the importance of knowing your math and being able to present it to your client. Instead of telling your clients, “Trust me,” he advised Realtors® to back up their claims by showing the math and knowing how to calculate things like vacancy factor, cap rate, cash on cash and more.

When a client presents two options and asks, “What should I do?”, Cadillac recommends getting the money right by calculating the income, risks and other factors for each option. Presenting the choices in an easily comparable, mathematical way builds trust with your client and helps them make an educated decision.

Cadillac’s Resources

For further real estate investment success, Cadillac shared some resources:

  • 10bii Financial Calculator
  • Close 4 Life: Mastermind Program
  • “Close for Life: Create Satisfied Customers that Will Only Do Business with You” by Joshua Cadillac
  • “The Roadmap to the American Dream: How to Reach Financial Prosperity in a Changing World” by Joshua Cadillac, Timothy Paul Cadillac and Cody Shaw
  • “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell
  • “The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking” by Saifedean Ammous
  • “All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis” by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera

To learn more about real estate investment essentials, view the webinar recording in the Webinars section of PAR’s website.

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