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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

In response to the growing concern regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® has addressed frequently asked questions from Realtors® and consumers.

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Real Estate in the Age of COVID-19: Suggested Best Practices

While many aspects of real estate can be conducted remotely, some elements of a transaction require at least limited in-person activities. In most transactions it is in the interests of both buyers and sellers for buyers to physically view a property before purchasing it, and there are any number of inspections to determine property values and to address health and safety issues. Licensees should attempt to perform activities remotely without contact whenever possible. 

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Millennials Are Ready to Become Homeowners, But Facing Challenges

A recent® survey found that becoming a homeowner is a goal for most millennials and Generation Z members as a part of obtaining the American Dream.

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Latest Market Report Shows State Housing Prices Up 16% Year Over Year

Housing stock was down 39% in March 2021, compared to March 2020, with just a 1.78 month’s supply available.

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Fair Housing Complaints Remain Steady, PHRC Reports

“Fair housing complaints have been steady,” said Adrian Garcia, PHRC’s director of fair housing and commercial property division. “With the pandemic, you might have thought there would have been a slowdown, but our regional offices are reporting that complaints have been steady.”

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Consumers Report Spending More on Home-Related Goods Since Start of Pandemic

People reported spending around $1,349 on average on home-related goods since the beginning of the pandemic, with men spending nearly $270 more than women.

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Apartment Amenities: What Renters Want

Heating and air conditioning are the most important amenity renters currently have, while their most-wanted feature is more storage space.

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What Waiving the Mortgage Contingency Really Means

Plainly stated, waiving the mortgage contingency has no effect on whether a buyer is allowed to obtain mortgage financing to complete the purchase.

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