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NAR’s C2EX program offers customized learning

by Kim Shindle on

Realtors® are learning more about the industry through NAR’s Commitment to Excellence Program, also called C2EX. The online program is built around competency areas and is free to all NAR members.

“It’s a great concept and a great refresher,” said PAR Vice President Chris Raad. “I’ve finished the learning quizzes and programs and now I have tasks that I need to do to complete the program.”

Raad found the questions regarding hypothetical scenarios helpful. “It asks you how you would respond and some of the responses are difficult to choose from. It gave me a chance to think, ‘Maybe I could provide better answers to my clients than I am’.”

He also found C2EX provided information on timely business issues. “There was a good section on data security and tips for protecting the data in our businesses, which is critical information today,” he added.

C2EX provides a customized experience based on each Realtor’s® preexisting level of skill and knowledge. Starting the program, you’ll take an assessment and based on those results, the platform creates a personalized learning path for each user.

“I started because I was curious about how NAR could create a program like this that would be relevant to 1.3 million members,” said Chris Beadling, PAR treasurer. “I think they’ve done a pretty good job. The program helps you assess your own knowledge and assists you in learning what you need to know to become a better Realtor®.

“There were a several places where I was surprised that I didn’t know something, even after 18 years in the business,” Beadling said. “The user interface is great, even for a novice. It’s more like a game and less like continuing education, which makes it more fun and helpful.”

PAR President Bill McFalls said, “C2EX helps remind you of all the tools and resources NAR provides to us, which we often forget are available.”

He added that the program would be especially helpful to Realtors® who have been in the business for just a few years. “There are great scenarios that help improve professionalism,” he noted.

“I’ve been in real estate for 20 years,” Raad said. “I found this was a good way to catch up on some topics and education that you may not have seen since you passed your licensing exam. It reminds us about developing good relationships between consumers, our clients and other Realtors®.”

Beadling added, “I would tell anyone who hasn’t started the C2EX program to answer questions in a few sections. Maybe you know everything, but my guess is there will be a few things you don’t know that you could learn more about.”

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