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By: Kelly Leighton on in

Celebrating Pi Day with pie

Today, we celebrate math and baked goods.

To refresh your memory from high school geometry, Pi (π), the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, is 3.14159265, so we enjoy pie on March 14.

President Bill McFalls’ favorite type of pie is key lime pie, specifically from Blue Moon restaurant in Key West, Florida. His favorite local bakery is La Baguette Magique in West Chester. And he’ll pass on the rhubarb pie.

President-elect Bill Festa said his favorite kind of pie is warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, while his least favorite pie is shoofly pie, because it is too sweet and gooey. His go-to bakery is Termini’s in Philadelphia.

Shoofly pie is also District 1 Vice President Heather Petrone-Shooke’s least favorite pie. Her favorite type of pie is a tie between key lime pie and pecan pie. As for the best bakery? It’s not one you can visit. “The best local bakery for me is wherever my mother-in-law is, honestly. She bakes every holiday, because it’s a Tuesday, because she had the ingredients in the cupboard, etc. During her chemo treatments, she baked every week for the nurses, doctors and staff just to make sure they had something sweet to brighten up their days and of course my husband, father-in-law and I were her taste testers for ‘quality control.'”

While Petrone-Shook loves key lime pie, District 2 Vice President Christina Cardone said it’s her least favorite. She prefers any kind of berry pie or warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, or pumpkin when it’s in season, she said. While you can’t get pie at Koffmeyers, Cardone said it’s her favorite bakery in the area, with the “best cookies.”

Blueberry pie on the Fourth of July is key for District 3 Vice President Eric Rehling. “Apple is a classic and with some vanilla ice cream is near the top, but nothing beats a freshly made blueberry pie on the Fourth of July. A vivid memory was winning the pie-eating contest while visiting family in New Hampshire at the ripe age of 10. I think PAR should bring the forgotten gem of a pie-eating contest back.” Especially if it’s from Corropolese Italian Bakery, Rehling’s favorite bakery.

But don’t expect Rehling to win a peach cobble pie-eating contest – it’s his least favorite flavor.

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  • March 14, 2019 at 2:27 pm Kathy McQuilkin says

    Mmmm- I vote for a pie eating contest at the Spring Business Meetings–(Rhubarb,Pumpkin,Apple,Cherry night anyone?)


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