NAR Launches Fair Housing Simulation

By Kelly Leighton | Nov. 25, 2020 | 2 min. read

Have you visited Fairhaven yet?

Recently launched by the National Association of Realtors®, Fairhaven is a fictitious town in which you will be put to the test virtually while encountering discrimination throughout various real estate scenarios.

Described as “a magnetic metropolis,” your job is to sell four homes in the area within six months. Each decision you make has an impact on where your journey takes you, and there are a variety of outcomes. If you make a decision that doesn’t comply with fair housing, you will receive extra scenarios to make sure you further understand fair housing principles.

Participating in this game may lead you to recognize some blind spots you have regarding fair housing. It can help identify potentially discriminatory conduct, see where your decisions lead you, recognize what happens when you use discriminatory behavior and see the impact that you have as a Realtor®. At the end, you will receive a report that details your actions and offers insight on your performance.

“Fairhaven uses the immersive power of storytelling to deliver powerful lessons that will help promote equity in our nation’s housing market,” said Charlie Oppler, NAR’s 2021 president. “NAR will continue our work to create innovative anti-discrimination training and to champion efforts that encourage diversity, fight racial bias and build more inclusive communities.”

Additionally, there are scenarios in which other real estate agents are violating the Fair Housing Act, and you have to decide how to proceed. The game also puts you into a client’s shoes to see things from their perspective.

“A part of the Fairhaven interactive training puts you in scenarios where you are a buyer facing discriminatory practices,” said Richard Strahm, vice chair of PAR’s Diversity Committee, who completed the game. “This powerful first person insight into what minorities face in the real estate marketplace truly drives home why fair housing training is so essential.”

The game could take up to two hours to finish, depending on your fair housing knowledge. You can save your game and come back later to complete it as well. A certificate of completion can be shared with an agent’s broker once finished.

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