More Than Half of Homeowners Report Having Home Surveillance

By Kelly Leighton | April 4, 2023 | 2 min. read

Seventy-two percent of millennial homeowners report they have home surveillance.

While the millennial generation is the most likely to have some form of surveillance, they aren’t the only ones following this trend. Nearly 70% of Gen Z said they have surveillance, while 47% of Gen X and 30% of baby boomers do, according to a new report from Lending Tree. Overall, 51% of homeowners reported having surveillance, while only 32% of renters do. Not surprisingly, millennials (42%) and Gen Z (41%) are the renters most likely to have it.

Half of respondents said they installed surveillance for “general safety,” while 14% said it was part of the property when they moved in. Eleven percent reported installing it after “suspicious” nearby activity. Almost half of consumers (48%) reported checking their surveillance daily, while 24% check it weekly. Twenty percent only check it when they get a notification.

Sixty-three percent reported that their surveillance has helped scare off a would-be criminal. And it’s not just to ward off perpetrators. More than one-quarter of consumers said they have used it to monitor their children, including 72% of parents with minor children, 15% have used it to monitor their spouse and 10% to monitor a neighbor.

For those who haven’t yet installed home surveillance, the cost is one of the top reasons they haven’t, said 38%. Twenty-one percent said they have other means of protection and 9% said they don’t think it will protect them. Seven percent said it violates their own privacy and 4% had it and removed it.

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