Consumers Report Spending $92 Monthly on Landscaping Costs

By Kelly Leighton | Nov. 29, 2022 | 2 min. read

Edible gardens are the most trendy landscaping feature this year.

As inflation continues to make groceries more expensive and more people are interested in sustainable practices, it’s no surprise that consumers are turning to growing some of their own food. According to Cinch Home Services, climate enhancers and privacy designs round out the top three most popular landscaping trends for this year, followed by furnished front yards and porches and dahlias. Millennials and Generation Z are most into climate enhancers, while Generation X are more into edible gardens and privacy. The most popular landscaping styles are English garden, followed by woodland and then tropical. Japanese garden style is most popular among Generation Z, while millennials tend to prefer tropical and Generation X leans toward woodland.

Consumers reported they spend $92 monthly to maintain their landscape. Generation Z reported spending the most at $117, followed by millennials at $97 and then Generation X at $66. It’s not surprising that a majority of people are spending more than $1,000 a year on landscaping, considering 64% of people reported it is important to them to have a beautiful landscape, with Generation Z feeling the most passionate, at 71%, followed by millennials at 65% and Generation X at 60%. The majority of people look to Instagram for their landscaping influencers; YouTube and Pinterest are also popular for looking for gardening ideas. Around half (47%) of respondents said they prefer to do their own landscaping, while 53% would rather hire professionals.

Indoors, a lucky bamboo plant is the most popular, followed by a peace lily and then a golden pothos.

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