2024 Primary Election

The 2024 primary election took place on Tuesday, April 23. Along with the opportunity to cast votes for President and U.S. Senate candidates, there are many state elections across the commonwealth. In the General Assembly, there are 17 open seats and 24 incumbent legislators who have primary election challengers. There are also races for U.S. Congress, with all 17 sitting U.S. congressmen seeking re-election this cycle.

The Pennsylvania Realtors® PAC Trustees endorsed many candidates for open legislative seats or incumbent candidates with primary election challengers. The endorsements were based on candidates’ commitment to real estate, as well as candidate interview and recommendations from our local Realtor® associations.

Primary Election Results

LevelChamberDistrictTypeFull NamePartyResults
StateSenate15OpenPatty KimDemocrat
StateSenate45OpenNick PisciottanoDemocrat
StateHouse5OpenEric WeaknechtRepublican
StateHouse56OpenBrian RaselRepublican
StateHouse90OpenChad ReichardRepublican
StateHouse103OpenNate DavidsonDemocrat
StateHouse139OpenJeffrey OlsommerRepublican
StateHouse201OpenAndre CarrollDemocrat
StateHouse11IncumbentMarci MustelloRepublican
StateHouse13IncumbentJohn LawrenceRepublican
StateHouse32IncumbentJoe McAndrewDemocrat
StateHouse34IncumbentAbigail SalisburyDemocrat
StateHouse55IncumbentJill CooperRepublican
StateHouse80IncumbentJim GregoryRepublicanLost
StateHouse100IncumbentBryan CutlerRepublican
StateHouse108IncumbentMichael StenderRepublican
StateHouse109IncumbentRobert LeadbeterRepublican
StateHouse110IncumbentTina PickettRepublican
StateHouse117IncumbentMike CabellRepublicanToo close to call
StateHouse136IncumbentRobert FreemanDemocrat
StateHouse183IncumbentZach MakoRepublican
StateHouse185IncumbentRegina YoungDemocrat
StateHouse190IncumbentG. Roni GreenDemocrat
FederalU.S. SenateStatewideIncumbentBob CaseyDemocrat
FederalCongress1IncumbentBrian FitzpatrickRepublican
FederalCongress2IncumbentBrendan BoyleDemocrat
FederalCongress3IncumbentDwight EvansDemocrat
FederalCongress4IncumbentMadeleine CunnaneDemocrat
FederalCongress5IncumbentMary Gay ScanlonDemocrat
FederalCongress6IncumbentChrissy HoulahanDemocrat
FederalCongress7IncumbentSusan WildDemocrat
FederalCongress8IncumbentMatt CartwrightDemocrat
FederalCongress9IncumbentDan MeuserRepublican
FederalCongress10IncumbentScott PerryRepublican
FederalCongress11IncumbentLloyd SmuckerRepublican
FederalCongress12IncumbentSummer LeeDemocrat
FederalCongress13IncumbentJohn JoyceRepublican
FederalCongress14IncumbentGuy ReschenthalerRepublican
FederalCongress15IncumbentGlenn ThompsonRepublican
FederalCongress16IncumbentMike KellyRepublican
FederalCongress17IncumbentChris DeluzioDemocrat

2024 Elections - Key Dates

  • Feb. 13 – last day to circulate and file nomination petitions
  • April 8 – last day to register to vote before the primary election
  • April 16 – last day to apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot
  • April 23 – Pennsylvania Primary Election
  • Oct. 21 – last day to register to vote before the general election
  • Oct. 29 – last day to apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot
  • Nov. 5 – General Election

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