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Which agent rating sites are best for your business?

by Barth, Mike on

Last year, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® launched our Ratings System Report Card in order to gauge the quality of the many sites out there that rate real estate agents.

We reviewed ten of the most popular sites that rated agents, and we scored them based on 10 questions. The best a site could do was 10, the worst was 0. Our review generated a lot of attention in the real estate world and we are back to do it again this year. This year, we added® to the sites we reviewed, but did not review Brokur and Social Bios, as both sites no longer exist. This left us with a total of 10 sites to review.

We looked at all the information available for the site, and, while using the same 10 criteria as last time, awarded sites a star, a half-star or no star. For example, if the site doesn’t allow agents to remove a profile, they receive no star. If a site identifies Realtors®, they get the full star. We explain how we determined each answer.

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Our methodology was based on feedback from members and we believe it does a good job narrowing down the ratings sites you can recommend to your clients. We reviewed the sites based on the information that was publicly available.

Review the 2015 full report card, as well as individual ratings for each site on

We’d be interested to hear what you think about our ratings, and if you have any suggestions, we’re happy to hear them. If you have any specific thoughts about individual criteria or other sites to rate, please provide those through via email.


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